“Show, don’t tell” or “A picture is worth a thousand words.” I hope the following list of work samples and portfolios help to provide a picture of the professional work I did in recent years; and help to easily understand and evaluate some of my skills and qualification.
I’ve purposefully selected the following project based on nature and technological implementation to show the diversity of the projects I have worked on. If you still have any question to ask and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Progress Commerce (Ethioway.com)

Progress-Commerce is a flexible and robust e-commerce framework that easily set up and run 1000’s of an online store. Progress-Commerce uses MS SQL server for backend and ASP.Net MVC for frontend implementation. It utilizes Memcache to store and cache hot data in order to achieve higher performance requirement.
Ethioway.com is one of the online stores created using a Progress-Commerce framework.

Enterprise Data Repository (Entity Framework Repository Library)

project template for consuming entity framework using “Repository” and “UnitofWork” pattern. The library is designed to be used in both web and standalone applications. It manages the lifecycle of the object context per HTTP request for web application and one per thread in non-web applications.
The source code and template project are available in Codeplex and Microsoft Visual studio gallery respectively.

Consistent Hash (ECH)

Enterprise Consistent Hash (ECH) is a consistent hashing library written in C#. It implements Fowler–Noll–Vo hash algorithm by overcoming all its weakness to achieve high performance and lower collision rate. This implementation might be considered as one of the fastest consistent hashing implementation written in C# as it only takes 1-2 microsecond to identify a node for a given key.
The source code is posted and available for download in Codeplex.

Membership Management Template (ASP.NET Extension)

Full-featured ASP.NET membership management Visual Studio extension for the web application, it includes custom web profiles, custom membership provider, and custom administration pages to support page by page access/authorization rules.
The extension template is available in in Microsoft Visual studio gallery for download free of charge.

Distributed Publish/Subscribe System

Enterprise Distributed Publish/Subscribe System (EDPS) system is a distributed publish/subscribe notification system designed and implemented for high performance. It is distributed in that the publishing and subscribing of events can be intra-machine and inter-machine. Publishers and subscribers do not know of each other’s existence.